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Here are some facts and numbers about our prices and service.

Base Price Per Account

We have set our Base Price Per Account to 0.20€/Month.

Scalable Accounts

Each account is scalable - that means you can assign as much WebSpace as you want to a single account. If you book more than 1 Gigabyte of WebSpace you as well get double the limitations, which you can distribute between your customer's accounts as you please.

Base Price Per Gigabyte

We have set our Base Price Per Gigabyte to 0.50€/Month.

Server Limitations

For security and performance reasons we have limited the maximal resources per Server to 4000 Accounts, 4000 Gigabytes and 2147483647 of each other resources (FTP-Accounts, Databases, Addon-Domains, Subdomains, Email-Accounts, CronJobs)

Special Discounts

We offer special deals to our partners and enterprise customers. If you rent an entire server for a year in advance you get 10% discount off the monthly price. If you pay for 2 years in advance you get 20% off the monthly price. The same applies to booking 3 years, where you get 30% off the monthly price. A full server is defined as 4000 Accounts or 4000 Gigabytes.

Exclusive Access

As our partner or enterprise customer you get exclusive access to our special control panel, where you can control your customer's accounts. If you rent a full server you as well profit from a special gift of a lifelong license of WHMCS and AfterLogic's WebMail Pro (PHP-Version). You would as well be granted access to our patented slogans to use on your own homepage featuring your products that are from LéJúl.

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